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Unbound Prayer- What is it?

With the human experience bestowed on us by God comes events of tremendous loss, uncertainty, and challenge. These numerous events impact how we look at others, the world, and most of all: ourselves. Being human means that we are made up of both body and soul. When we go through times of great challenge, physical ailments occur, but it is our spirit that is impacted most; even when we look fine on the outside. If we fail to address the spiritual or emotional parts of our problems, healing we crave will not happen.  


In battles of uncertainty and trauma, even more damaging to our self-esteem, we tend to think negative thoughts such as:

 “I don’t belong."

 " I can never do anything right."

 " I’m the victim. Why is this happening to me?"

 " God will never forgive me.”


This is where Unbound Prayer comes into play. It also plays a major role with the healing from many ailments such as addiction, negative thoughts, anxiety, depression, and persistent sin. This powerful way of prayer provides you with 5 keys to finding freedom in Christ: 

  1. Repentance & Faith 

  2. Forgiveness

  3. Renunciation

  4. Authority

  5. The Father’s Blessing

Through the power of Unbound Prayer, people experience true freedom from their challenging times, addictions, anxieties, and stormy thoughts. Most importantly, they finally learn to embrace the reality that they are unconditionally loved by God the Father.  He will always respond to our distress signal.      


Whatever doubts that are poisoning our minds are lies of the enemy.  When we renounce these lies, not only does the healing process start, but our strength also increases, and slowly but surely, we start to become better versions of ourselves; the version God has seen in us all along.

We can discuss if  you would like Unbound Prayer in a session or at a Freedom in Christ Conference. 



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